Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 17

Case study - Essay Example On its part, the media is used by the government to control the public. The public on the other hand has become obsessed to TV from which government publicity is generated. Some common events designed on media to gain publicity are in the form of planted, manufactured or non-spontaneous news. Some practices in public relations are timeless like the carrying of a bible as a prop particularly in enhancing the seeming worthiness of a leader. The true application of public relations as self-conscious managing art and occupation was through the 20th century ideas of Bernays aimed at influencing the opinion of the public on commodities through the use of psychology. This strategy worked for both Proctor & Gamble Ivory soap and American Tobacco Company through selective use of powerful symbols to correlate with the selling. Today, public relations practitioners seek to achieve an essential moment that representatively engraves in the mind of the public. The most recent defining moment was t he bombing of the world trade center in 9/11 involving Rudy Giuiani who survived the blast by escaping from debris. In conclusion, public relation is an inseparable part of management’s major decisions given that one has to consider the perception of the public on the decisions. Public relations are not without drawbacks since some use it to cover up for their misgivings which then call for the public to be keen in examining their public servants (case study

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