Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Discuss the role of vitamin K, vitamin D and calcium on bone health Essay

Discuss the role of vitamin K, vitamin D and calcium on bone health across the lifespan and review the evidence that supplementation with vitamin D and calcium - Essay Example In this manner the strength and vitality of the bones are maintained. However, this process varies in significant manner during advanced age, which may have a negative impact on the strength of the bone and its ability to satisfactorily perform its essential functions. With the increase in life spans being experienced around the world and particularly in the developed world maintaining healthy bones has become more important, so that the elderly segments of population can continue their active phase of life, without risks of damage of fractures to bones impeding the quality of their lives. This has led to increasing interest in the interaction between nutrition and bone growth and development and the nutrients that are significant in prevention of deficiencies, with particular emphasis on optimising peak bone mass and making the risk for osteoporosis minimal (Prentice, et al, 2006). Bones are made up of hard living tissue, which are in the form of hard matrix consisting of calcium salts deposited around protein fibres. The protein fibres are made up of collagen and provide the bones with their strength and elasticity, while it is the mineral deposits that make the bones rigid. Bones may be divided into the outer bone and the inner bone. The outer bone layer is called the periostem and it makes up eighty percent of the mass of a bone and provides rigidity to the bone. The trabecular bone is the inner bone, the structure of which looks like a honeycomb, due to the spongy mesh-like bone that it consists of to provide strength to the bone. It makes up twenty percent of the mass of the bone. Within the cavity of the bone, bone marrow is found, which is responsible for the production of red blood cells. Bones are in different shape and length based on the functions that they perform in the skeletal system. osteoclasts and

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