Sunday, June 16, 2019

Environmental Management In Developing Countries Dissertation

Environmental Management In Developing Countries - Dissertation ExampleEnvironmental management is a branch of study which deals with the purlieu and its proper management to ensure that human activities have a minimum impact on the environment (Selin and Chevez, 1995). Environmental management does not directly result care of the environment by planting more trees or cleaning up polluted water bodies, but it indirectly helps to preserve the environment by taking strong measures against the governings which cause pollution and environmental degradation. According to Sheldon and Yoxon (2006), the aspects which environmental management takes care of are activities such as manufacturing, services, and logistics of organizations.Environmental management arranging (EMS) is the programs which are adopted by organizations for implementing proper environmental management procedures. In EMS, the environmental programs of an organization are created in a more organized and authoritative m anner (Marguglio 1991). Therefore, the organizations which adopt EMS in their work procedure must include EMS in their organizational structure, each step of their manufacturing process, and include EMS in the resource maturation stage also. EMS is one of the most important concepts in the world today as the governments of the world are realizing the effects of environmental degradation (Born and Sonzogni 1995). A fare of governments including India are encouraging the Indian corporate and manufacturing sectors to integrate EMS into their organizational structure.EMS has a number of benefits. Some of them include improving the environmental performance of an organization, helping an organization to systematically resolve any environmental issues that may come up, helping in a better understanding of the short depot and long term effects of its manufacturing process, services or products.

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