Saturday, June 15, 2019

HSA 535 WK2 App of Epidemiology and Childhood Obesity and Smoking Assignment

HSA 535 WK2 App of Epidemiology and Childhood Obesity and Smoking - Assignment ExampleIn the fight of obesity and smoking, in that respect be various plans that have developed by various state to mitigate the effects and their preferences. To optimise the effects of the measures put in place, there is claim to utilise the following five steps. First there is need to put in place stringent laws on people smoking in public areas, the laws should be explicit and all inclusive to ensure that there is no loophole whatsoever in its implementation. At the same time there is need to ensure that, healthy foods are available at much cheaper prices and accessibility more than the unhealthy foods. There is need also to ensure that, there are guidelines put in places where the affected people interact. These areas include schools and at home for parents use. Furthermore, there is need to ensure that there is a conducive environment that stomach social amenities that ensure healthy physical pr actices. Lastly, there is need to incorporate the study of health lifestyle in the education system which is eventful in nurturing the habits of the young ones.I agree that in determining epidemiology of a disease, there is need to be specific and through while tracking the biography and lifestyle of the patients. The following interventions will be very important, they include, isolating, and classifying affected people, accordingly get the demographics of the affected people, study similarities of the cohort in terms of the disease effect, then study the genetic predisposition after that there is need to put in place preventive measures and disease control measures. (Haidar & Cosman, 2011). Georgia being the tenth part state in the United States in terms of obesity is heart breaking and needs a swift action to deal with the problem. It is true that, backing the schools to check on nutrition programs and physical actives alone, will not be able to meet the need. The

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