Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Do Americans Prefer a Divided Government Thesis - 1

Do Americans Prefer a Divided Government - Thesis Example The matter significantly reverberates as a political theme especially when national election comes. A substantial number of electorates perceived that the present government will not reflect a divided government because President Barrack Obama inspires a one-party rule. For them, this is harmful to democratic system. Everyone was in a political hodge-podge whether or not divided government creates a necessary condition for check and balance in governance? Under one dominant party, can President and his bureaucrats sustain transparent and accountable government effectively to sustain stability? Will the Supreme Court, filled with legal luminaries, be able to check a ruling party well? Or is it necessary to maintain divided government to encourage people to be able to objectively look at issues, governance and political decision-making? The question can go on endlessly as substantial number of Americans perceived that this present administration is enjoying a free rein with his busines s in foreign policy and relations at his volition although some Republican claimed that they maintain significant influence to prevent some of the president’s foreign policy initiatives. This is a qualitative study that aims to explore how many would prefer divided government from 50 select respondents that are randomly chosen by this researcher and to know reasons or causes about their preferred/inclination with divided government. Respondents’ opinion will be gathered through an online survey questionnaire which will be consolidated using monkeysurvey, an online method of generating responses which will be saved in a data base and will be used as bases for analysis in this study. Modern sociologists have varying perceptions about Americans inclination to favor or to disagree on divided government. Republicans for instance use a divided government as a mechanism and as a power to wield opposition against the

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