Thursday, July 25, 2019

VIDEO 2 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

VIDEO 2 - Assignment Example All my dreams and ambitions for the future have literally gone down into the drains. ME: I understand your fears but I would strongly urge that you put away all that negative emotion and embrace life in its fullest now more than ever. You are right to assert that AIDS still has no cure but the ART therapy is there to ensure that you continue to live a healthy and long life. I will give you a small booklet featuring stories of HIV victims like yourself from all across the globe who have managed to survive with the virus for as long as 45 years. And who is to decide that you can’t go past that? Who determines whether you achieve or not? There are numerous patients around who discovered their status and yet set out into achieving their goals and dreams, and because of their extra-ordinary drive, many of them have since time immemorial been recognized by prestigious institutions and awards such as the Nobel – feats that ‘healthy’ (gestures with fingers to mean word ‘healthy’ is in quotes) folk like us can only dream of. In additio n, the mere fact that you have acquired the virus does not mean that you will die before everyone. Death can come in any form, for anyone, and at anytime of the day. I silently know in my heart from my interactions with life that I can walk out of this meeting and meet an untimely road accident and die or be left in a vegetative state, for instance. But this uncertainty in mankind’s life does not imply that we should stop living and dreaming for a better life. No. That would be to miss the point of living in the first place. Every day is a new possibility and one that must be cherished. So soldier on and choose for yourself whether you want to spend the rest of your life wallowing in self-pity or whether you want your name etched in the books of history. ME: I have known you for quite awhile now. I know you are talented in a number of ways and I want to see you use

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