Saturday, September 7, 2019

611 Assignment 4 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

611 4 - Assignment Example : the preparation of a Project plan that involves the use of tools such as GHANTT charts and all key steps to be implemented in the initialization stage of the project are reviewed to ensure that they are executed as planned. Secondly, necessary documentation is drafted: this includes schedule, plans and system documentation which will be important to the users. Third deliverable is to draft a Kick-off presentation which helps communicate with the members of the board and explains the importance of the project and its need to be implemented. The last deliverable in this stage of initialization is the use of monthly reports that are going to strategically help in reviewing results. In analysis of the project, deliverables include drafting the technological requirements and recommendations report that is used to provide technical options for implementation. Infrastructure preparation and specifications, deliverables include reports that contain information such as infrastructure, softw are, hardware, security and technical standards and procedures. Resources used include the Generic WBS that defines the sequence of the project in an outline format. A scheduling system would be used in this stage so as to ensure that tasks to be handled are handled in an effective manner. Phase four: this involves installation. Deliverables include: production test plans and schedule for the project, migration installation plan and actual installation plan, tests and validation. Another deliverable would be the delivery of training documents, the training plan and user training sessions. Project status reports are very handy at this phase as they help report on the core issues. The main purpose of project management tools is to help project managers plan better, execute plans effectively and control the project management process. This is executed by the use of project plans. Project management tools help reduce time wastage in project implementation and aid in easy

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