Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 72

Case Study Example Surveys were disseminated among the stakeholders with multiple questions and a Likert Scale to help in rating the operations within the institution. In order to obtain in-depth information, the stakeholders were interviewed and clarifications made on any aspect pertinent to the current situation. During the interview, the questions asked aimed at accessing the possibility of management problem as the main influence on the quality thereof. Further, the process also involved use of focus groups whereby a lot of information was gathered from a group of 9 workers. The data gathering tools were able to give proper answers which aided in completion of the case. The workers agreed that the management problem triggered related problems within the operation such as absence of purchasing, inspections design and testing process. Further, the respondents also agreed unanimously that the top management may have caused lack of tractability and quality management records required for improvement of the process. This led to poor quality and stagnation witnessed in improvement. The root cause determined from the case study was poor management. The top management is responsible for the harmonization and control of duties within any institution; hence it goes without saying that it had been involved in creating a network of problems: The inability of the management to adapt quality maintenance and product tractability is also witnessed within the case study. There was no established preventive or timed maintenance to the point of the management assigning wrong tasks to machines. This led to frequent wear and tear as evident by the twelve work orders aimed at fixing the machines. The case also states that the plastic was a rush order, leading increased pressure application to ensure fitness (Robert and Richard, 2011). This shows that the

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