Monday, September 9, 2019

Evogear Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Evogear - Essay Example The gratifying content in the website, which covers the descriptors and the content, helps and gratifies the basic need of the shopper. The website looks to bring together the cultural elements that go to make up the lifestyle: the art, the music the opportunities the website gives back. This adds more value to the customers. In agreement with the Evogear website developer, e-commerce has not yet attained its fullest marketing potential. Bryce Phillips says that it is in its infancy stage. This is true as the underdeveloped countries are yet to undergo the digital migration, which will uplift the e-commerce. Many countries he upsurge of the marketing environment experienced n the technical advanced nations is yet to be experienced making the e-commerce to be in its development stages. The website faces a lot of challenges in its operations. The quality products display has been a problem to the website. When the good will of one customer is lost, others will also be lost and this becomes a big loss for the store. The payment facilities of the website are not more secure as the website can be hacked or spammed. To address the challenges the website has moved to multi-sales online and mobile

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