Sunday, September 22, 2019

Amercian History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Amercian History - Essay Example And, of course, as there are with any widespread political movement, there were economic reasons why the Revolutionary vanguard declared independence. Legislation passed by the British Empire made it increasingly difficult to operate apart from the state itself. Taken together, all of these factors comprised what Americans now characterized as â€Å"tyranny†, as it is phrased in the Declaration of Independence, put to the pen of Thomas Jefferson in 1776. Any account of the American Revolution will inevitably say there was no one true cause, or reason, for the Declaration; instead, a broad array of social, economic, ideological, and philosophical reasons can be described as contributing factors to what led to the creation of the United States. In the years leading up to the American Revolution, sentiments against Great Britain seemed to center on ideological and philosophical shifts away from desires to remain attached with the mother state. But in the decades before the Declaration, shifts seemed to occur on the political and even economic level. The Seven Years War drained the financial reserves of the British Empire, and the Navigation Acts, designed to alleviate this pressure, caused resentment among the American Colonies. Additional political and economic burdens on the colonies by the financially downtrodden Empire, such as the Sugar Act, Currency Act, Stamp Act, and Revenue Act between the years 1764 and 1766, led to a rift in political interests. Stories like that of Ebenezer Macintosh, and his protests against the British Parliament’s passage of the Stamp Act, illustrates for historians and students of history alike what direction American feelings for British were going in, even a decade before the Americ an Revolution officially began. Today, American historians look back as far as 1763 to see the earliest examples of strong Parliamentary interference in the

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