Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Major Health Problem in British Society and Improving Medical Essay

A Major Health Problem in British Society and Improving Medical Service - Essay Example After World War II, population growth within the British society was very limited. Apart from war casualties of war, an outbreak of diseases and poor medical facilities were the major factor contributing towards widespread loss of life in the UK. Currently, dementia is recognised as a common disease in older people, particularly due to its widespread prevalence across the world. Historically, due to the lack of awareness in the past century, most of the people were unable to determine the consequences and symptoms of dementia disease. For that reason, most of the people suffered from unknown psychological and behavioural problems. In the 18th century, people were more focused on civilianization. During the era of civilianization, every governmental policy offered urban people of with numerous advantages while most of the rural people were ignored. The gradual shift was witnessed in British society which was reflected by the increasing concern of the policy makers towards promoting th e health of the citizens. In this regard, numerous policies were set towards ensuring the community engagement and promoting good health of the people within the country. The healthcare professionals, government and non-government bodies, and healthcare institutions have a huge role and responsibilities to implement health policy among British society. To improve the health conditions of each human being social agents, actors and institutions of society have to implement policies, which can easily improve the sustainability of human being.

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