Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Esl423 8 practium experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Esl423 8 practium experience - Essay Example They used the Wilson Fundations book for Word Work. It’s an excellent book as there is a suggested weekly plan provided for the study material. This certainly helps the teacher pace the class. For Reading, there was a new story everyday. I believe this practice of reading everyday would help them achieve that objective. Their objective was to identify concepts of print by distinguishing letters from words and recognizing that the latter are separated by spaces. My concern is the efficiency of the ‘read back’ exercise. Done as a group, it is difficult to check if a particular student was actually reading or just mimicking the others. I also encourage both oral and silent reading like Mrs. Beach. The Free Reading for 15 minutes was satisfactory, too. It allowed the students to test their reading skills on their own. One of the SIOP components encourages hands-on materials or manipulatives for student practice. (Haynes, 2004) Writing was the last part of the class. T o me, it served to assess the students’ reading as well as develop their writing skills. However, maybe the exercise should not be limited to journal writing only as they are still very young. They could also write short letters. Or, make short stories by writing simple sentences for a sequence of pictures. The SIOP component of Practice and Application was evident in this class because the language skills were integrated in the activities such as reading back, journal writing, discussion & oral reading. There were other SIOP components in play, too, like preparation and lesson

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