Monday, October 7, 2019

The forgotten Group Member Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The forgotten Group Member - Case Study Example The group should display better communication by informing all group members ahead of schedule when group meetings are going to be taking place. Christine failed to understand the dynamics of her group and thus was unable to bring them together in unity. Because of the stage that her group is currently in, Christine needed to educate her group members more by communicating with them in ways that she would be understood. Her inability to recognize this meant that the outcome of the group was inevitable. Part II. There are many primary and secondary problems that the group is currently facing. First of all, a primary problem is that there is not an effective leader in the group. Christine does not have a strong enough personality to take control and manage her team members in the right fashion. This is partly down to Christine’s inability to fully understand the needs of her group’s members. Because of this, Christine was not the best choice for the role of group leader s imply because she doesn’t have the skills required to perform the role effectively. The group never really went through the forming stage and, as such, did not progress beyond the storming stage. People like Mike should have been included in the group discussions and also involved in making decisions.

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