Saturday, October 5, 2019

Summary and response Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Summary and response - Essay Example Some of the robots that will take part in the competition have artificial intelligence that is slightly lower than that of human being. As such, they require little human interception. Some are able to walk on four artificial leg with multiple joints that enables it to climb a ladder and hoofer around a building or an object. According to the article, participants reckons that the competition is a challenging affair as they impressive innovation from major manufacturers in America. In this case, the competitors equate the challenge with that of autonomous car challenge. On the positive note, they argue that the competition will improve the present day humanoid robots that can respond to disasters such as the nuclear plant disasters that have hit various parts of the world. Some of the robots such as the CHIMP will have legs that can fold and double as treads. These features enable the robot to operate in rough terrain and hence very efficient in rescue missions. Lastly, the article suggests that robots challenge will ensure great improvement especially in the consecutive years. As a consequence, it is most likely that advanced robots will serve human kind in various ways. I normally visualize the concept of robots as a convenient replacement of inefficiencies caused by human being. Though robots require human interception in their operations, it is worth noting that they are more efficient that human beings, especially in difficult tasks. I believe that robots can perform serious tasks in environments that are inaccessible or that pose danger to human being. The competition that is described in this article presents a prime opportunity to manufacturers of robots. Firstly, I believe that even those who will not participate will have a chance of gauging the level of technology exhibited in the competition. Secondly, the participants have a chance of walking away with huge sums of money as prices. This creates an

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