Tuesday, October 8, 2019

That's news to me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

That's news to me - Essay Example Sometimes, it feels weird to be a part of some platform where anybody can share anything any time which can be approved of or disapproved of by anybody. One way technology influences how I receive information is that news is no more credible to me than theories because both can be right or wrong. One way technology influences how I send information is that it makes me be a critic of my own work before sharing because I am aware that people in the online world know me by what I share. Modern technology has changed my perception of news broadcast over the mainstream media. Before, when I was a child, and the world was not quite as influenced by the Internet as it happens to be today, I used to believe everything shown or talked about in the television news. As I grew up, used the internet, and started to realize through blog posts and online discussion forms that news are selected and modified by various television channels in such a way that their personal interests are served, the cr edibility and reliability of information retrieved from the mainstream media news has been reduced for me. ... ortant, and I have no doubt in it because even I use the Internet to get news more than I use the television, then I believe that all sorts of news are very subjective. Modern technology has made me more critical about what I share with the world. In the real or physical world, I do a lot of jokes and casual talking with people because I know that the people I talk to know me otherwise. Even if I am saying stupid jokes, I am confident that my friends would accept them because they know what sort of a person I am. On the other hand, when I am using the Internet to share any information, be that my status on social networking website, or a photo I have recently taken of myself, I take my time to think whether it is the right status or photo to share. This is because I understand and agree to the fact that â€Å"as digital media continues to evolve, it will be today’s youth who’ll reshape the future content and delivering of news and information† (Garland cited in L ancaster). Many a times, I select some people from my friends’ list to deter my status or photo to be shared with them because of personal reasons or my lack of trust in those friends. I am not so conscious and critical in what I express or share in my everyday life otherwise. Concluding, Internet has had a profound effect in my approach toward receiving and sharing information. Under this effect, I have lost confidence in news but have become more critical about what I share with the world. I cannot control others but I can control myself. So I tend to be very responsible, considerate, and rational while commenting upon a post or a video or even while writing and sharing a blog over the Internet. I want to be a source of help and good guidance for others, which is what makes me criticize my own work that

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