Thursday, October 31, 2019

Recommendations to Chief Librarian of the Medical Library Essay

Recommendations to Chief Librarian of the Medical Library - Essay Example However, though its base is of DDC it is much more powerful than it. In UDC, auxiliary points are put to practice so as to indicate various special aspects of a subject and also to point out relationships between objects. We can therefore state that it contains faceted or analytico-synthetic element that has been used in specialty libraries like medical libraries. Thus, the acceptance virtues of UDC can be considered to be many and thus its acceptance can be said to be numerous. We would now like to throw some light on the development aspects of UDC. It is essential to note that need is the father of invention. Thus, the development of UDC has been taking place since years based on the requirements as considered essential by the libraries. For example, several crucial aspects have been added to UDC because of the necessity to meet the requirements in the medical library. However, it is essential to note that UDC is not restricted alone to libraries of medical science; several other libraries of various disciplines adopt the practice of UDC so as to be confirmed with a more systematic arrangement in the library system. The advantage of UDC is that the documents, which are taken by classification, can hold the presence of their existence in absolutely any form. The classification can be set on films, sound recordings, video, maps, illustrations, books, journals, ebooks, etc. Thus, the positive aspect of UDC as seen is worth the attention it has taken in the scientific scenario of libraries. The classification of UDC is based on Hindu-Arabic numeral and has its base on the decimal system. In the classification system, every number is being considered as a decimal fraction in which the initial decimal point is omitted, and is used to determine the order of filling. Thus, a very logical and scientific approach is being practiced in the classification as used in the UDC system. In order to add ease in reading, the UDC gains punctuation after every third digit, For example, if after 11 "Medical Sciences" comes the subdivisions 111 to 119; under 111 "Physiology" come its subdivisions 111.1 to 111.9; under 111.1 shall come all of its subdivisions before 111.2 occurs, and so on; after 119 comes 12. The greatest advantage of this system of classification of knowledge is that its infinite extensibility. This virtue of UDC prevents the disturbance of the library books even after new books touch the library desk. Another advantage of UDC is that the books can be arranged in several main categories. In addition, a document can be classified under a combination of different categories through the practice of additional symbols. The UDC system of classification also presents itself with the advantage of being designed in a manner that it can readable by the machine. The machine

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